Game Probability and Balance



4 charachters

Each charachter has 14 of the same abilities on their card

Combined the abilities are Attack 14; defend 19; parlay(influence) 7; 11 Duel (hand to hand combat)

Cards are played in a hand of 5 first round, hand of 6 second round, and hand of 7 in fourth round.

Its possible to received additional cards in the deck during game play but this question concerns the general, average mechanics of the base players.

Assuming characters will receive an average of 4 more cards before the start of the last round.......averaging 10 more attack/defend/parlay/duel what should be the attributes/values totals of bosses and leaders they would fight....say four of them?

Assume its 1 player only, with an additional enemy token per additional player attacking the same target.

My calculation is average one of four boss leaders with these basic abilities: 26 attack, 24 defend, 15 parlay, 12 Duel.

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Can anyone confirm what they received a better break down in characteristics of these bosses?