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    Relationship between a variable with categories and a variable with numbers?

    In SPSS, is there a way to find out if there is a siginificant relationship between symptoms (on a scale from 0-3, with 3 = the worst) and hospital stay ("yes" or "no") are related?
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    how to deal with ANOVA (need tips in simple language)

    was One-way ANOVA a correct choice? (need tips in simple language) Hello, friends, I have a task for my Statistics class, and actually I have done it, but it seems to be too easy, so i have doubts whether i did everything correct. Would appreciate if you could have a look and suggest if I did...
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    Regression Analysis - Transformations and Non-Normality

    Hello, I am fairly new to regression analysis and have a few questions.. I have a fairly large dataset containing information about 144 municipalities in a country. I am trying to create a model that uses a number of independent variables (urban ratio, literacy rate etc.) to model the...